Wednesday, April 2, 2014

first day at the brush creek foundation for the arts

[April 1, 2014] This is the Brush Creek Ranch Resort's Lodge, just outside of Saratoga, Wyoming. Because it's still winter time in April here, the lodge shuts down to monied guests until later in the spring or early summer. So we artists (there are seven of us: two men, five women, one musician, four visual artists, and two writers - I'm the oldest by more than 20 years, and I'm OK with that!) are allowed to sit in the lodge or use its gym. More on that as the days go by.
We live in the Artist Camp. We were each awarded this residency through a juried selection. Our stay here, including the food, is gratis, and we all have private studios and time to work on our various projects unencumbered by our normal daily lives.
Walk this way to our camp.
Down there.
The door to my private living quarters.
And the weather today went back and forth between the sky you see in the first photo of the Lodge and this one. It changed in 15-minute increments. On my hour-long walk this afternoon, I saw it all.
So today was about getting organized and acclimated to the environment and the people. I'm eager for tomorrow to bring more walking and plenty of time in the studio. Let the "study" begin.


  1. Wow, there's snow! Hopefully that melts during the month you're there. And cool that it's seven of you. Hope the vibes are good as is the food!

  2. Karen, this is all so exciting! You are a wonderful writer and photographer which makes your blog so much fun and informative to read. Thanks for sharing your experiences during your residency--will look forward to all your posts : )

  3. Jenn, yes! Snow every day so far. But I love it!! I don't have to shovel it, and the facilities are warmer than my house and studio at home. I just went out for a walk on Brush Creek Trail, with full sun, blue skies, big puffy clouds, a little breeze. One hour later, I'm sitting in my studio watching heavy snow fall. I have the say that the food is so-so. And not much in the way of desserts. But as long as I don't have to cook. . .

    Pam, you are one of my inspirations for even doing this blog!! I'm happy that you're enjoying it!!