Saturday, April 5, 2014


I stare at the white cottons hanging. I read. I write. I walk. And then . . .


  1. Very intriguing, Karen! Though you can't see the whole thing in your photos, you know there is a story behind what you are doing. Would love to know what you are thinking and how you come up with these evocative ideas! Are you also keeping a journal of your thoughts and ideas as your work progresses at the residency? I can envision poetry accompanying your cotton dresses!

  2. Pam, I am keeping a journal, specifically for this residency and the white cotton project (notice I'm not using the word "dresses" anymore). My content for the white cotton is more intuitive than cognitive. The white cotton items speak to me differently and tell me what their individual purposes should be. But there will be mistakes and disappointments along the way. It's a personal journey of reflection.

  3. This is my favorite item so far. The weight of the cotton is really conducive to drawing with the micron pen, and I like the way this particular cotton hangs. The drawing of roots will likely be repeated in various forms in this project or even just in works on paper.