Thursday, April 3, 2014

white cottons hanging

[April 3, 2014] I spent a great deal of yesterday hanging and re-hanging my white cottons and taking over 150 photos of them - the variety of whites, the drapes, the folds - ethereal. Documenting this long-term project is significant to me, so I'll share bits of it with you along the way. My plan is to determine the overall theme, which will most likely be an intimate memoir. Each cotton item will be one aspect of the overall theme, some items with writing and some with drawing. It all begins with the white cotton eyelet mini dress that I wore when I got married in Switzerland in 1972. I wrote of my wedding, marriage, and divorce on the inside of that dress. Now, where do I go from there? My residency at Brush Creek is specifically to help answer that question.


  1. I remember the white cotton dress! Hopefully the mountains and air and other artists will help you get your head around the project. But if not, NO STRESS. Get what you need, like Lynn said at Jentel.

  2. Are all the white garments meaningful to you, or just the white wedding dress?

  3. Jenn, at Jentel, I had a to-do list that I worked hard to complete because I was preparing for a show. I'm viewing my time at BC as the opportunity to begin what will surely be a long-term project. I'm taking more time to read, write, walk, listen, see, and meditate at the water's edge - Brush Creek.

    Kathleen, the white garments are all meaningful to me, but perhaps not in the way you might think. The wedding dress is the only one that I've worn. I find meaning in the other items when I find them. Perhaps the color of the white or the small bits of embroidery or the way the item falls appeals to me. And I choose items that are reminiscent of some aspect of my life as a female. Or it could just be something as simple as an item looks like it would be conducive to writing or drawing on it.