Thursday, April 3, 2014

my studio at brush creek

[April 3, 2014] There are four visual artists' studios, a kitchen/dining area, a library, and a bathroom in this building. I have studio C. It has heated cement floors and fantastic natural light. The musician (a pianist) has an old school house with the piano on the stage and rows of seating, like pews. He can pretend to have an admiring audience, and we can hear him diligently practicing as we walk by. The two writers have a little cabin with two rooms.
Of course, the first night I arrived at Brush Creek, I couldn't go to bed until I had rearranged the furniture in my studio, swept the floors and tables, and eliminated any distractions. I'm not in there all day, however, as one just has to enjoy the outdoors here, sun or snow. And I'm currently taking advantage of being in the Lodge to use faster WiFi.


  1. Karen, love how you are just diving in, making your studio "home", and documenting various steps in your thought process. What a great way to share your experience and create a journal of your residency. Love that last photo of the cotton dress hanging, and the little curvy wire (or?) coming off the end of the line. What an amazing creative environment!!

  2. And Pam, I can only imagine what wonders you'd fill a studio with.
    And as you know me well, you can just imagine how I had to clean this up and set everything just so. The curvy wire is actually twine. Sometimes, I think I'm more interested in the twine and clothespins than the white cotton items.